Cleaning & Hygiene

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Optic Spirit Measure Cleaner

Optic Spirit Measure Cleaner£4.12   £3.86

3 Brush Glass Washer

3 Brush Glass Washer£10.69

Bar Shelf Liner (10m) Black

Bar Shelf Liner (10m) Black£42.56   £35.64

Bar Shelf Liner (10m) Clear

Bar Shelf Liner (10m) Clear£42.56   £35.64

Bar Shelf Liner (10m) Red

Bar Shelf Liner (10m) Red£42.56   £35.64

Interlocking Glass Mats (pack of 10)

Interlocking Glass Mats (pack of 10)£5.46   £4.95

Cask Tap Brush

Cask Tap Brush£2.86

Cask Widge Cleaning Kit

Cask Widge Cleaning Kit£10.90

Insect Zapper

Insect Zapper£32.50

Plastic Drip Bowl

Plastic Drip Bowl£23.80

Prodis Jet 50 Dishwasher

Prodis Jet 50 Dishwasher£1,126.00  -  £1,237.00

Prodis Jet Series Glass Washer

Prodis Jet Series Glass Washer£714.00  -  £937.00


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items