Flexible Ale Extractor - 9-11 Gallon (Firkin)

Flexible Ale Extractor - 9-11 Gallon (Firkin)
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Product Code:  BAR-513-SF

Key Features

  • For 9-11 gallon firkin size cask
  • Single or double outlet (choose above)
  • Allows upright dispense
  • Low maintenance
  • Float stays submerged
  • Save approximately 2 pints per barrel
  • Comes with 2 Ale extractor bodies
  • Hop Filter included
  • Handy ‘Ale Extractor Indicator’ line
  • 3/4 BSP

A Flexible Ale Extractor is an easy way of extracting your ale from the cask.  The Flexible Ale Extractor has a silicon tube and a flotation device.  With the inlet inserted into the barrel, the float sits at the desired angle just below the surface of the beer. As a result of the Flexible Extractor float system, the beer is always drawn from the surface.  This helps to give you a clear pint every time.

Our Flexible Ale Extractor 3/4 BSP Firkin comes with 2 bodies (sometimes known as collars and broaches).  Having a spare allows you to tap the next barrel well in advance. When the previous barrel has been emptied, open up the next body (which has been pre-tapped into the next cask) and lower through the extractor or siphon through. Consequently this removes a considerable amount of waiting time for the beer to be primed.

Our Extractors are simple to use, require low maintenance, eliminate the need for racking systems and as a result reduce handling time. All our Extractors are available as both singles and doubles, in all threads and for all barrel sizes.

Each Flexible Ale Extractor kit includes:

  • Two Flexible Ale Extractor Bodies with blanking plugs
  • Silicon Tube (Firkin) – Tube length is critical to performance.  Check you are ordering the correct size for your barrel.
  • Mason’s Float
  • Single Hop Filter
  • Non Return Valve
  • 1 x 3/4 BSP x 1/2″ Tail
  • 1 x 3/4 BSP Nut
  • Single or double Beer Outlet Complete (choose option above)

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