Booking A Pro Dart Player For Your Pub

Thursday, 22 October 2015  |  Admin

Why Book A Darts Pro?

Booking a professional darts player to run an exhibition in your pub is a fantastic way to attract new customers, reward existing customers and generate local publicity for your business or organisation.

We'll explain here how you can fund your event so it will cost you little or no money. Want to know more? Then read on...


In summary, the stages of organising a professional darts exhibition in your pub are as follows...

  1. Choose and book a date for your event.
  2. Promote the event both on-site and through local and social media.
  3. Hold a darts knockout competition to raise money to help fund the event.
  4. Sell tickets for the event.
  5. Hold the darts exhibition and give everyone a great night!

The Knockout Competition


To maximise the return on your darts night investment you need to hold a darts knockout competition in the weeks leading up to the celebrity exhibition. Ideally, the competition should take place over a number of nights.

For example, if you were to book 3 times World Champion Martin Adams to appear at your pub on the last Tuesday of November, you would hold your knockout competition over a number of Tuesday nights leading up to this date, starting at the end of October or beginning of November.

The number of nights you dedicate to the competition depends on how many players enter. If 32 people enter it's 31 matches and if 64 enter it's 63 matches As the organiser, you will need to decide how many games in each match (i.e. best of 3 or best of 5).

The idea will be to try and get between four and six separate nights out of the knockout competition and the reason for this is simple. The knockout nights will help you to...

  • generate funds to pay for your pro darts player
  • build interest in the main exhibition
  • increase footfall in your pub (particularly when run on an otherwise quiet night)

The overall winner of the competition is awarded free entry to the exhibition event and a guaranteed game against the pro on the night. You can offer additional prizes to the winner and runner up if you think it will heighten interest in the competition.

You will need to charge an entry fee to play in the knockout. Between £5 and £10 is usual depending on whether there are any additional prizes. The takings will go towards paying the pro player's fees.

Important: On each of the nights that you hold the knockout stages, run a raffle to raise additional funds for you event. You can offer any prizes you want including a game against the pro on the night of the exhibition. This gives all darts fans a chance even if they aren't that great at darts.

Promoting Your Event

Like all events you organise, you need to let people know about it to generate ticket sales.

Use social media to let your customers know about both the main exhibition and the knockout competition. You can run a draw for everyone who 'likes' or 'retweets' your event related posts with the prize being two free tickets to the main event or even a game against the pro.

On site advertising using A-boards, posters or external banners can also be useful if your pub's location would benefit from them. Obviously this would be less effective if you are off the beaten path but at the very least you should put posters or flyers around the pub.

With a well known darts player coming to your pub you should have no problems getting the local newspaper interested. Let them know about your event and invite them to send a photographer along on the night. You can even offer a game slot as a competition prize for the local paper or radio station to promote the event.

Finally, don't forget to list your event on websites that promote local events.

Your Darts Exhibition Event

Tickets for the event will need to be high enough to help fund it but low enough to get people through the door. You can increase value on the ticket buy offering food (curry or scampi and chips, etc.) or a free pint.

It can be a good idea to offer a free pint to those that buy tickets in advance rather than on the door because people are more likely to turn up on the night if they have pre purchased a ticket.

However, the big pull for a professional dart exhibition is that people get the chance to play against the pro and have their photo taken with them. Everyone who wants a game should write their name on the back of their ticket and hand it in on entry. Names are then drawn at random to see who plays the pro next.

Those that have won a guaranteed game (through the knockout competition or raffle prizes) should be first up.

The format of the night will depend on which dart player you book. They all have their own preferred way of working with some being more flexible than others with their time/number of games, etc. Some players may bring their own board and even an MC to setup and announce/score on the night. However, this is not always the case so make sure you have a board and scorer if required.

You will want people to arrive as early as possible so they can start spending over the bar for longer and help maximise your profits.

After the games have been played you can invite people to take pictures, selfies, etc. If possible, try and designate an area where your pub name is in the background as all the pictures will likely end up doing the rounds on Facebook, Twitter, etc and they will help promote your pub for future events.

Case Study

Dean at The Red Lion has run several darts events over the years. At his last event he ran a knockout competition that took place over the course of four nights. He took approximately £1,600 extra over the bar on these nights.

He charged 32 entrants £5 each to enter the competition making £160.

He held a raffle on each of the four knockout nights earning an average of £25 per raffle (£100 in total). He used playing places on the exhibition night as prizes.

He sold 60 tickets for the exhibition night at £6 each make £360.

He took an extra £1,500 over the bar and an extra £50 in the raffle on the night of the exhibition.

Booking Your Darts Exhibition

We have a range of players available from both the PDC and BDO camps. Prices start at around £600 subject to your location and preferred night. Once your event is booked we will send you a kit to promote your exhibition and run your pre-event knockouts including posters, pictures, knockout sheets, guidelines and more.

Players Available

We can book most players on request, the most popular being 3 times World Champion Martin 'Wolfie' Adams, 2 time World Champion Ted 'The Count' Hankey, Tony 'Silverback' O'Shea, Darrel 'Dazzler' Fitton, John 'Old Stoneface' Lowe, Terry 'Raging Bull' Jenkins and many more.

Please call 01823 698609 or email us for availability and prices.