Tips For Planning & Promoting Events

Tuesday, 11 August 2015  |  Admin

  • events.jpgOne of the most important things is to plan your events well in advance. The more time you have, the better your event will be.
  • Chose a date that doesn’t clash with any other events that may take business away. For example, big sporting fixtures or local functions.
  • Consider rounding your prices for busy events to make it easier and quicker for staff to serve customers.
  • Make sure your pub is clean, tidy and safe for your event.
  • Employ plenty of staff for the event to cope with extra demand. Ensure they are fully briefed so they can explain to customers how it works before and during the event.
  • When staff dress up for an occasion it always helps create the right atmosphere particularly for theme nights and key seasonal events such as Halloween.
  • For busy events consider table service to ensure the bar area is not overcrowded or in too much demand at certain times.
  • Do special offers such as ‘4 pint pitchers’ for beer/lager and ‘buy two glasses and get the bottle free’ on wine. They encourage group purchasing and cut down the time spent serving by your staff.
  • Offer food to help maximise profits. For theme nights make the food relevant to the theme. If you are charging customers entry to your event, it may be better to include a buffet in with the price. Otherwise, consider snack foods that are easy to prepare.
  • Run promotional games on the day/night of your event to help create a sense of competition and fun. Bartop promotions that help promote brands and offer prizes are always popular.
  • Choose music to match the theme or style of your event. It can go a long way to creating the right atmosphere.
  • If you are using you event to raise funds, ensure everyone is aware of your goals, how much you want to raise and what the cause is.
  • Produce flyers (A6 or A5) to put around your bar and even deliver to local households letting them know about your event.
  • Chalkboards, posters and banners are the most effective forms of advertising. Keep the message short and sweet, letting customers know the key information. Ensure advertising is placed where it will be seen by as many people as possible.
  • Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are becoming an increasingly popular way for pub owners and managers to promote their outlet and keep customers up to date with what’s going on. If you have a pub website, keep it up to date.
  • Local What’s On guides and newspaper listings often allow you to list your events free. See what publications are out there both printed and online. Internet websites that promote local events can be particularly useful.
  • Try and get feedback from your customers on how the event went. A small questionnaire for them to complete will help you identify any areas that need improving and also allow you to gather key information from your customers.
  • Bounce back promotions such as discount vouchers and special offers will help ensure new customers come back to your pub. You can make it so that they can only be used at certain times to encourage trade throughout quieter periods.