Setting Up For Darts

Tuesday, 11 August 2015  |  Admin
Darts is becoming increasingly popular so if you don't have one already, now is the ideal time to put a dartboard in your pub and even organise a darts team.

Ideally, your Darts area should be at least 11' x 5' and away from doorways or areas where people walk through.

Both the wall where you position the dartboard and the floor area in front of it should be flat. The board should be positioned so the centre of the Bullseye is 5' 8" from the floor. 

The oche line should be marked out 7' 9.25” from the face of the board using a metal strip. Alternatively, a darts mat has printed oche lines and will protect carpets from wear and tear or stray darts from being damaged if the floor is hard.

If you are unable to dedicate a permanent space to darts, then take a look at the Dartmate Portable Dartstand.

A quality bristle dartboard is essential and consider a dartboard surround to protect the wall around it. Alternatively,  dartboard cabinet will allow you to tidy away darts and accessories and close the doors when the board is not in use.

Some cabinets have a scoreboard on the inside of the doors but if you don't have one place a whiteboardchalkboard or electronic darts scorer up near the board.

A regular darts team can help increase bar trade. Many pubs that have started regular dart nights have seen their turnover double or even treble when other teams visit their outlet.

Most pub teams have between 6 and 10 players. By establishing two separate teams you will still have trade from one team while the other is playing away.

The team captain is responsible for organising the team. Choose players who will be good ambassadors for your pub and not damage the reputation of your business.

When other teams are visiting, provide free food for them and remember that if they are impressed with your pub they are likely to come back. You could hand out vouchers to provide encouragement for them to do so. See also our Guide To Dart Games.