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A to Z Event Ideas For Pubs

Auction Event Reward customers with bidding vouchers in the days leading up to your auction so they can bid for prizes at the event. Great sales incentive.
Bar Olympics Players compete in a series of bar games competitions to see who can become the Bar Olympics champion.
Beaujolais Nouveau Run a French Theme night and celebrate the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau (16th Nov).
Beer Of The Month A great way to get customers to try new products. Advertise your offer on a chalkboard.
Big Deal ‘Deal Or No Deal’ for the bar. A popular promotion that can be run as a series of one-off games or a complete evening's entertainment.
Bill The Till Each time a customer makes a purchase, they write their details on the till receipt and place it in the draw box. The draw can be held at the end of each week or month. This promotion can be brand or time specific as the details of purchase are on the receipt.
Bingo A regular bingo event will help boost trade during quieter periods. You can run daytime and evening sessions to target specific customer groups. See Bingo packages.
Catch The Star If the member of staff who is wearing the 'star' badge is serving when the timer sounds, the customer they are serving receives a free or discounted drink.
Coffee Mornings A regular coffee morning gives customers a chance to try various coffees and maybe stay on for lunch.
Collector Cards An simple promotion that encourages customers to visit your pub more often. Stamp the customer's card each time they buy a drink and when the card is full, reward them with a prize (T-shirt, keyring, free drink).
Crack The Safe A bar top promotion where customers try to guess the 2 digit combination and open the safe. If they succeed they win a prize. Also ideal for fetes and fundraisers.
Curry Night Special offer price on a curry and a pint. Make it a regular night of the week and offer a different curry and an Indian lager (Cobra or Kingfisher).
Darts A darts team helps boost trade and promote your pub to visiting players. See our Darts Knockout KitDarts Supplies and FREE Darts Poster.
Darts Exhibitions Book a professional darts player for your pub and invite customers to come along and play them. A great way to generate publicity.
Day At The Races Organise a trip to the races for your customers. You can include transport, breakfast and a meal back at your pub within the price.
Draw The Joker Customers pick a card when they make a purchase. If they draw the joker they win a prize. Can be run at certain times (quieter periods) or on purchase of a particular type or brand of drink. See A4 Playing Cards.
DVD Race Event A fun, exciting event that can be used to raise funds or just a great night's entertainment. Horse, Greyhound and Pig racing available. Our guidelines explain how to make your event a success.
Family Fun Day Great for bank holidays. Provide outdoor games, a BBQ and music to create a lively atmosphere. Also see our Family Fun Days guide.
Fetes If you are organising a fete then our sideshow games will help you raise some cash and keep the customers entertained.
Football Cards Sell the spaces on each card for £1 and scratch off to reveal the winner.
Free Food A good way to encourage early drinkers to stay a bit longer is to place easy to prepare hot food on the bar.
Fun Casino Event Create the excitement of Vegas in your bar with a fun casino. Serve cocktails, provide a buffet and decorate your pub with casino decorations.
Game Clubs Start a regular club night for bar games such as Cribbage, Poker, Backgammon or Dominoes. Local enthusiasts for each game may visit your pub to play competitions and become regulars.
Giant Board Games Suitable inside or out. Large versions of popular games like Connect FourJenga and Chess,are a great way to keep families entertained. You could run a giant games knockout.
Gift Vouchers Vouchers are a great gift idea for customers who can't thinks of anything else to buy for their friends and family. They also introduce new customers to your pub and can also be used as prizes for your competitions and events.
Higher Lower Similar to ‘Play Your Cards Right’, this game is ideal for fetes, game nights or as an instant win bar top promotion. See also Higher Lower XL.
If The Barrel Runs Dry If a customer orders a pint and the barrel runs dry they get it free. Can be used to increase sales of draught beers and ales and compensates the customer for time spent waiting for the barrel to be changed.
Instant Win Promotion Ideal for promoting sales during quieter periods or for specific brands of drink. Reward customers with a scratch card when they purchase. If they win they receive their prize straight away.
Italian Night Offer traditional Italian food such as pasta dishes, pizza, etc. and promote special offers on Italian wine. Decorate your pub with Italian themed decorations and play Italian music to create the right atmosphere.
Jelly Bean Jar Place a jar of jelly beans behind the bar and invite customers to guess how many there are. The customer who is the closest receives the jelly beans. Can also be used to raise funds at fetes and fun days.
Karaoke Night Disco/karaoke evenings are always popular and you can run the event as a competition offering prizes.
Knockout Competition A knockout competition can be based around any game including PoolDartsDominoesCribbage and more.
Live Sport If you have a large screen/TV in the bar then showing live sport is a great way to attract customers and boost profits. Football, Rugby, Cricket, Golf and Live Racing. See our live sport guide and posters section.
Lookalikes Hire a lookalike to come along to your pub and get the local newspaper to come along and take photos.
Lottery Bonus Cards Sell all 49 cards before the national lottery draw. The customer with the bonus ball number wins a prize of your choice. Great fundraiser or sales driver.
Match The Minute Popular scratch card promotion that can be used for any live football match. Issue cards to your customers. If the last goal scored is in their time period they win a prize.
Meat Raffle Sell raffle tickets to customers (or give them away as a sales incentive). Draw the raffle to see who wins the joint of meat.
Murder Mystery Event A murder mystery event is great fun and an ideal excuse for fancy dress.
Music (Live) Run regular live music nights using local bands. You can have special music nights (i.e. Folk, Jazz, Rock) to attract fans of that type of music.
Name The Teddy A simple prize draw game. Sell the spaces on the sheet and reveal the winner to see who wins the soft cuddly toy.
Open Mic/Talent Contest A great way to to get free entertainment in your pub including bands, comedians, specialty acts, etc. Run special offers and promotions on the night to boost sales.
Open The Box Pick from 12 keys to see if you can open the box. A bar top promotion that can be run as a sales incentive or a fundraiser.
Pig Roast / BBQ Make the most of summer with a BBQ or pig roast. Run some outdoor games and competitions to make it an enjoyable day for the whole family.
Pitcher Of Beer Sell a four-Pint pitcher of lager or beer for a special discounted price to encourage group purchasing and free up time for bar staff during busy periods.
Poker Night Poker has become very popular over the last few years. A regular Poker night with prizes provides great entertainment for your customers.
Pool Setup a pool team and run a regular pool night, preferably on a quiet night of the week. Offer free pool on that night only. See our guide to Pool Games.
Pool Lottery A profesional exhibition that gives your customers the chance to win some truly spectacular prizes including a car, holiday or their own pool table!
Prize Draw Customers write their name on the sheet. Once the sheet is full, draw a number to determine the winner.
Pub Games Provide a selection of bar games in your bar to ensure people are never short of something to do. Giant games such as Garden Tower Blocks , chess or dominoes are great for all ages.
Quiz Darts Run your own ‘Bullseye’ event with our Quiz Darts pack. A great value promotion that will attract darts fans and quiz lovers alike.
Quiz Night The traditional pub quiz is still as popular as ever and a great way to involve customers.
Real Ale Stocking a selection of Real Ales can be a great selling point for your pub. You can start a Real Ale members club and offer tasting sessions on a regular basis.
Rest Of The Bottle
Buy 2 large glasses of wine and receive the rest of the bottle free. A great promotion that encourages wine lovers to your pub.
Rush The Bar Issue a raffle ticket to customers when they make a purchase (or use their till receipts). Hold a draw at a pre announced time. The winner gets the chance to pull as many pints as they can in 1 or 2 minutes. A fun and simple to run promotion.
Sixties /Seventies Theme A great opportunity for your customers to dress up in outrageous clothes. Book a 60's or 70's tribute band to compliment your event.
Slave Auction If you can find people or businesses that don’t mind offering their services for free you can auction them off to raise funds for good causes.
Societies & Clubs Invite local societies and clubs to use your venue as a regular meeting place. Offer them discounts and special offers. A few clubs visiting each month on quieter days can significantly boost profits.
Speed Dating Use your pub as a way for local singles to meet the potential love of their life.
Spin The Wheel Loosely based on Wheel of Fortune, the wheel allows you to write on the chalkboard segments. Can be used as a game show, for fundraising or to drive sales.
Spot On The Bottom A fantastic promotion for bottled beers. Randomly place a small spot sticker on the bottom of random beer bottles and if the customer buys a bottle with a sticker they get a prize (i.e. T-shirt, free drink or discount).
Theme Nights There are many themes to choose from, providing a great opportunity for your customers to dress up in costume. Provide food to match your theme (i.e. AmericanCaribbean,French, etc). Music and theme party decorations will add the finishing touch to a great night. See our events calendar.
Traditional Bar Games Have a traditional bar games night with games from the days of old including Shove Ha’PennyBagatelle and Shut The Box.
Traditional Garden
Lawn DartsQuoitsSkittlesBoulesCroquet, etc. are timeless classics that will keep people entertained for hours. Why not run a traditional garden games knockout.
Treasure Hunt Plan a treasure hunt in your local area and use your pub as the meeting place and finishing point. Depending on your location, the hunt can be done on foot or by car. Offer lunch to participants on completion.
Tribute Acts Why not book a Freddie Mercury, Tom Jones or Blues Brothers tribute for your bar. See our extensive list of tribute artistes.
Tropical Beach Party Put on some Caribbean music and food and decorate your bar with one of our tropical theme packs for a great beach party event.
Wii Night Wii knockout competitions are popular and easy to setup. A designated area with a large screen is required.
Wild West Theme Ask customers to come in fancy dress, serve traditional wild west food and put on some country music for atmosphere. You could even hire a country singer or band. See our wild west theme kit.
Wine Tasting Encourage wine enthusiasts to your pub by running regular wine tasting events.

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